Appeal to the Jews Born in Romania, who live in Israel and all over the world

We are glad to inform you about that the Union of Jews Born
in Romania (in short AMIR) has been founded in Israel. The goals of the
Organization are the:

  • Creating a museum in Israel, which presents the images and the
    achievements of the Jews born in Romania – in Israel, in Romania and in
    other countries of the world.

  • Organizing the first International Congress of the Jews born in
    Romania who live world widely, in Jerusalem, in 2004.

  • In order to achieve the two goals mentioned above, AMIR
    includes many various organizations of Jews born of Romania (from Israel
    and from other countries of the world), as well as Jewish people who
    were born in Romania and do not belong to any association. Being a
    member of AMIR doesn’t affect on the activity of other Romanian Jewish
    organizations in any measure. (In Israel there are about 50
    organizations of this kind. Therefore, the newly joined members of AMIR
    can continue their previous activities.)

    We call upon and urge all the Jews who were born in Romania,
    no matter where they live today, to join us, in order to achieve and
    create the Museum of Romanian Judaism. We invite you, your children and
    your grandchildren as well, to the future International Congress of the
    Jews born in Romania! All answers, suggestions, contacts, and (for those
    who have the possibility) financial donations are welcomed!

    We enclose the first issue of AMIR’s newsletter hoping that
    it will become popular by means of the communication among all the Jews
    who were born in Romania.
    This request is addressed by the initiators of the Union of Native Jews
    of Romania – AMIR:

    - General (res)) Moshe Nativ, chairman of the Union of Jews Born in
    Romania – AMIR

    - Adv. Itzhak Artzi, former member of the Knesset, former vice-mayor
    of Tel Aviv

    - Menahem Ariav, mayor of Nazareth-Illit

    - Moshe Nagor, chairman of Israeli-Romanian Friendship League