Letter from B’nai B’rith International to Prime Minister Adrian Nastase

H.E. Adrian Nastase

Office of the Prime Minister

Bucharest, Romania

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

We were profoundly distressed to read today the statement by your Public Information Ministry, which denies that the Holocaust ever occurred on Romanian soil.

Over the past several years, country after country in Europe has investigated its past, as it relates to the Holocaust. These historical investigations have led not only to statements of contrition and admissions of culpability, but positive steps to bring some measure of justice and closure in response to the horrific events that led to the near total destruction of European Jewry.

Over the past several years, B’nai B’rith has been engaged in this important dialogue with members of the Romanian government. It was our belief, and I’m sure the belief at the ministries with which we’ve worked, that some progress was being made in taking responsibility for history.

To deny the humiliation, degradation and ultimate murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Romania during the years 1940-45 not only flies in the face of historical fact, it sets back strenuous efforts to educate new generations of Romanians about the past and to learn lessons from it.

We call on you to immediately, unequivocally and publicly reject the Public Information Ministry’s statement of denial. Nothing less than Romania’s credibility as a newly-integrated member of the family of European democracies is at stake.

Joel S. Kaplan

Daniel S. Mariaschin
Executive Vice President