Emergency Ordinance no.31/2002 A decision long due

Since, at the end of March, all the effects of the Emergency Ordinance no.31/2002 are in danger of being lost, and the law is not approved yet, Mr. Razvan Theodorescu, at the request of Dorel Dorian, Deputy representing the FCER, sent the following open letter also published whithin the “Jewish Reality” magazine no. 180, 25.01-15.02.03. Unfortunatelly, not even this act showed any results, therefore the Emergency Ordinance was not discussed.

Dear Mr. Deputy,

I fully understand your concern towards a possible obstruction of the Emergency Ordinance no 31/2002 in the Senate of Romania, especially at a moment when, unfortunately, both in the country and abroad, were consumed several acts which became undesired arguments favoring the urging of this kind of settlement. I assure you, that, by far, it is not the case of a premeditated action of freezing the discussions related to this project law, and therefore, I dare to remind you that at the end of the extensive discussions from the Senate commissions also attended by you and by other FCER representatives (Mr. Iulian Sorin, Osy Lazar) it was decided upon the voting of the Ordinance in the Plenum, at the end of June 2002. However, things hastened, as the first meeting date, on the 19th of June coincided on the agenda with the National Culture Forum; a second settled date, 27th of June, was on the eve of the Romanian Academy Session dedicated, not by coincidence, to Holocaust issues. The autumn Senate Session from 2002 was extremely dense with organic law projects, legislative laws, budgets discussions, common meetings along with the Deputies Chamber, motions when the introduction of the Ordinance on the daily agenda was requested… Realizing this delay which could also be interpreted as an obstruction, I solicited in an open letter on this matter, the Minister for the Relation with the Parliament, Mr. Acsinte Gaspar, to request from the Permanent Office of the Senate that the planning of the Plenum proceedings of the Emergency Ordinance no 31/2002 to be scheduled for February. On its essence, the principial position of the Ministry of Culture, and, I hope also of my party colleagues, remains the same: mutual unconditioned support of the juridic act, which as a fact is functioning and is showing results.

I assure you, Mr. Deputy, of all my consideration as well as of my sincere sentiments,

Razvan Thodorescu,
The Minister of Culture and Cults.