Romanian-Jewish organizations outside Romania

How many organizations of natives of Romania exist in
Israel? Here is a partial list, that was gathered after a research in
the Israeli press of Romanian language in the last years. Some of these
organizations could be omitted, others could not exist anylonger, some
chairmen’ names could be spelled wrong. Readers of this web page who
know about the existence of other organizations or who consider that
some corrections should be made, are invited to let us know about them.

1. The Union of Jews Born in Romania – AMIR (more details about its
leaders were mentioned above)

2. ACMEOR – The World Cultural Association of Native Jews Of Romania,
Chairman: dr. Shlomo Leibovici Lais

3. World Union of Bukovina Jews, Chairman: Adv. Itzhak Artzi

4. Israeli-Romanian Friendship League, Chairman: Eng. Moshe Nagor

5. The Organization of Former Assirei Zion in Romania, Chairman: Moshe

6. Israel-Romania Chamber of Commerce, Chairman: Richard Armon

7. The Communitarian Center “Beit Iacov – Iosef rav Zwi Guttman”,
Chairman: rav Efraim Guttman, honorary presidents: rav Alexandru Safran,
former Chief-Rabbi of Romanian Jews, and A. Goldstein – Goren. The
Center is formed by:

  • “The synagogue “Beit Iakov Iosef – Rav Zwi Gutman”, Chairman Arie
  • “Yad Zikaron Le Yahdut Romania, Chairman: Reuven Herscu, general in
  • “The Organization of Zionist Askanim (Zionist activists natives of
    Romania), Chairman: eng.
    Baruch Tercatin

    8. HOR – central organization of Hitahdut Olei Romania; Chairman: Zeev

    9. “Sara and Haim Ianculovici Foundation” which awards prizes to
    creator born in Romanian; Chairman: prof. dr. Izu Eibschitz, commettee
    members in Shlomo David, dr. Bela Aftenie, Biti Caragiale, Marta
    Constantinescu etc.

    10. Israeli Writers’ of Romanian Language Association; Chairman: Shaul
    Carmel, commettee members Carol Isac, G. Mosari, Sonia Palty, Felix

    11. SIR – Shevet Yehudei Romania – edited four books which subject was
    the activity of the natives of Romania concerning the foundation, the
    defense and the development of the State of Israel; in charge: Paltiel

    12. The Jerusalem Cultural Circle; coordinators: Leon Volovici and
    Cornel Safirman

    13. Funds for prize awards:

  • “Nicu Palti” Creation Fund, created in the frame of the ACMEOR,
    awards annually four prizes at a sum of 1000 dollars each, sponsored by
    Palty family in memory of the publicist and editor Nicu Palty.
  • “Zion Prize” at a sum of 1000 dollars, awarded by Israeli Writers’
    of Romanian Language Association. and sponsored by the industrialist
    Bruno Landesberg.
  • The Creation Fund “Sebastian Costin”, created in the frame of the
    Jerusalem Cultural Circle, awards a prize yearly at a sum of 1500
    dollars in memory of the journalist and poet Sebastian Costin. The prize
    is sponsored by Eugenia Costin, Sebastian Costin’s wife.
  • The “Felix Aderca” Dramaturgy Prize to the sum of 1000 dollars
    awarded by Adrian Marcus, the manager of “Adrian” tourist agency.
  • The Creation Fund “Iacob Groper” to the sum of 4000 dollars.
  • The “Mihail Sebastian Prize” awarded by Israeli Writers’ of Romanian
    Language Association. sponsored by Adrian Marcus, the manager of
    “Adrian” tourist agency.

    14. The Organization of Israeli natives of Dorohoi and its neighborhood;
    Chairman: Shlomo David

    15. The Haifa Cultural Circle; the executive committee is constituted by
    (in alphabetic order): Bitti Caragiale, Marta Constantinescu, Madeleine
    Davidzon, Liana Saxone Horodi, Francisca Stoleru, Elvira Schefer

    16. The Haifa Saturday Mornings initiated and coordinated by Sara
    Ianculovici, at present coordinated by Shlomo David (in Hebrew language)

    17. HOR Jerusalem

    18. HOR Nazareth Illit; Chairman: Itzhak Moshe

    19. HOR Haifa; Chairman: Shmuel Reinish

    20. HOR Beer Sheva: prof. Natan Cohen

    21. HOR Naharia – Chairman: dr. Sergiu Climescu

    22. HOR Natania, Chairman: Ilan Shlomo

    23. HOR Carmiel: Moshe Flitman

    24. HOR Herzlia – Chairman: adv. Haim Ianai Ianculovici

    25. HOR Rehovot and neighborhood , Chairman: Kalmanovici Arie

    26. HOR Kraiot, Chairman: ing. H. Segalescu

    27. HOR Ashdod, Chairman: Max Gaer
    Specification: some of the local HOR associations do not belong to the
    central HOR

    28. The Israel-Romania Writers’ Association; president – prof. dr. Riri
    Manor, honor presidents: Sami Michael – Israel, Eugen Uricaru – Romania,

    29. The Israel-Romania Cultural Center of Tel Aviv; Chairman: Tesu

    30. Israeli Writers’ of German Language Association; Chairman: Josef N.

    31. Israeli Writers’ of French Language Association; chairwoman: Marlena

    32. The Romanian Youth Zionist Foundation (Hanoar Hatzioni): Chairman:
    Itzhak Artzi, secretary Iakov Rosenzweig

    33. The “Gordonia” Romanian Youth Zionist Organization; Chairman: Moshe
    Zaltzman, secretary Iakov Wortman

    34. World Union of Bukovina Jews (U.M.E.B.), Haifa branch; Andy
    Rosengarten, Mehler Hana

    35.. U.M.E.B. – Jerusalem branch – Barkai Selma

    36. U.M.E.B – The Community of Campulung Natives – Klein Iosef Yulku

    37. U.M.E.B. – The Community of Gura Humorului Natives – Apter Shlomo,
    Jurgrau Jakob

    38. U.M.E.B. The Siret Natives Jewish Organization – Hollinger Rita

    39. U.M.E.B. The Vatra Dornei Natives Jews Association – Itzhak Yalon,
    colonel in reserve

    40. U.M.E.B. The Radauti Natives Jews Association, Grabstein Emil

    41. U.M.E.B. The Stanesti Natives Community – Sidi Gros

    42. U.M.E.B. The Storojineti Natives Community – Ferber Ruven

    43. The Bnai Akiva Organization; the executive committee: Dr. Shlomo
    Leibovici Lais, Arie Kupferschmidt, Shmuel Haham

    44. Renana – The Nazis’ victims Organization; chairwoman: Semiretta

    45. The Organization of the Invalids, Victims of Nazis’ and their
    Allies; Chairman: Drori
    46. The Romania Natives Centrist Party for Progress; Chairman: eng.
    Mircea Soschin

    47.The “Arcadia” Club

    48. B’nai B’rith

    49. The Israeli Natives of Barlad Association

    50. The Israeli Natives of Tecuci Association

    51. The Transnistria Orphans Association

    52. The Natives of Stefanesti Organizaton