The Romanian Holocaust Learning Center Project was made possible with:

Funds and Advice from:

- The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Agains Germany (Claims Conference)

- B’nai B’rith International, Washington, D.C.

Documents and Support from:

- FCER (The Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania) – The Center for the Study of the History of Romanian Jews

- The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

- Yad Vashem

Special Thanks:

- Daniel S. Mariaschin, Executive Vice-President, B’nai B’rith International
- Stan Berman, CFO, B’nai B’rith International

- Ivan R. Dee, Publisher

- Caroline Waddell, Photo Reference Coordinator – Photo Archive, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

- Robin Harp, Paralegal Specialist – Office of General Counsel, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Project Team:

- Radu Ioanid, Scientific Coordinator

- Felicia Waldman, Educational Consultant

- Anca Ciuciu, Researcher, Photo Archive Expert

- Mihai Chioveanu, Researcher, Documentarist

- Remus Spridon, Researcher, Documentarist

- Bogdan Olenici, Web Designer and Programmer

- Daniel Madularescu, Web Design Assistant

- Malin Sufitchi, Translator

- Ionut Stefanescu, Production Administrator

- Stefan Niculescu-Maier, Project Director