Liviu Beris:    My name is Liviu Beris. I was born in northern Moldavia, in a small town called Herta; out of 4,000 inhabitants, about 2,000 were Jewish… read more

Otto Adler:    In the late 1970’s, I had the opportunity to visit the Birkenau concentration camp – the so-called Auschwitz II – and I went upstairs to the SS watchtower located above the main gate … read more

Miriam Bercovici:    My name is Miriam Bercovici nee Korber; I was born on September 11, 1923. I am a pediatrician and I still work for the Community, doing house calls for the assisted patients … read more

Oliver Lustig:    On May 3, 1944, soon after 4 o’clock in the morning, our house was invaded by a group of Hungarian gendarmes. We were living in the commune of Soimeni, in Cluj County. I hadn’t turned 18 yet … read more

Eva Czinczar:    My name is Eva Czinczar nee Lustig. I was born in a Transylvanian village, Soimeni, in Cluj County, on February 26, 1925. My father was a notary public and my mother was a housewife … read more

Magdalena Stroe:    I went to the Romanian elementary school and high school until 1940, when northern Transylvania was yielded to Hungary. Dramatic changes occurred in the life of my family that year. We decided to stay in Cluj and my father had an early retirement … read more

Iosif Lazar:    On June 7, 1941, at four o’clock in the morning, my brother, Aron Lazar, also known as Nicu, and I were sound asleep. Because of the heat, we weren’t wearing pajamas. Suddenly, the agents of the secret police broke in and seized us. They rushed us to their headquarters in our underwear … read more

Gabriela Crisan:    In September 1940 the numerus nulus was decreed for Jews in higher education. In the spring of 1941 I found out that the Jewish Community had set up a special school where Jewish students could continue their studies. I attended their courses until 1944 … read more