Additional information about the RHLR Project

The objective of the project is to assist Holocaust education efforts in Romania and to provide hard evidence against Holocaust denial through communication means that appeal to new generations.

The page you are just visiting achieves this task through connecting RHLC to the already well known “Romanian Jewish Heritage” Web Page, as an independent section, while ensuring that links that are specific to the Romanian Jewish Heritage Trail (RJHT) are added to the respective pages, thus creating multiple gateways to the Holocaust-related information.

Given the fact that today, in Romania like elsewhere, most young people are looking for information via the Internet, and given the multitude of racist, hate, fascist and anti-Semitic sites, it is the aim of this project to provide an academic leadership in the area addressed, along with many other initiatives meant to counter balance misinforming.

This objective is achieved through accurate, academic, well-documented data on the Romanian Holocaust connected with other Holocaust-related online resources, worldwide.

During a time of increased national and international effort for the development of Holocaust education, it is of utmost importance that people (both educators and students) should have as many sources as possible. There are indeed a number of projects being carried out in Romania which envisage the publication of Holocaust related works to be used in schools or the training of teachers but these should be completed with the primary source used by the youth – the Internet. And this, from the perspective of an academic, recognized authority. RHLR will welcome many other contributions to its expansion and in fact aims at becoming an open forum for more research results and more educational efforts.

The RHLR consists of:

- An on-line searchable Dictionary containing general concepts and definitions of the Holocaust as well as elements that are specific to the Romanian Holocaust (The “Dictionary” Tab);

- A bi-lingual web-based e-book, in fact an authorized abbreviation of Radu Ioanid’s book “The Holocaust in Romania: The Destruction of Jews and Gypsies Under the Antonescu Regime, 1940-1944″ (The “In Romania” Tab);

- Relevant testimonies from survivors (The “Testimonials” Tab);

- Images from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, from the collection of the History Museum of Romanian Jews, images from the Jewish Cemetery in Iasi (location of mass graves)and from other photo archives (some organized in “Albums”) (The “Images” Tab);

- Maps, under the form of web-based sensitive maps, containing elements that are relevant to the Holocaust in Romania (The “Maps” Tab);

- A Contact page;

- A “Newsletter” page dedicated to both archiving Holocaust-related newsletters and to facilitating automatic subscriptions for researchers, educators, students and the public;

- An “Other Resources” section where those interested will are able to find a collection of the best links for the study of the Holocaust as well as other articles and resources. Also here, the project team envisions to offer a downloadable version of the web page that could be burned on a CD-ROM, basically replicating the content of the web-based information, organized in an interactive setting to be used without an Internet connection and a downloadable section, that could be burned on a DVD, containing images, speeches and proceedings (the latter in PDF format) from periodic Holocaust Study related events (like the annual training session for the history teachers (also open to the public) on the matter of teaching the Holocaust (2004, 2005 – Bucharest))

All of the above will be available via the Internet.

The Romanian Holocaust Academic Learning Resource’s Project goals are to be achieved between September 15, 2005 and March 15, 2006.

This project takes into account the reccomendations, and makes indirect use of the works and conclusions of the Wiesel Commission.

The results of the project will be made public in a press conference.