The “Cultural Copybooks” of The J. R. show on stage

The morning dedicated to the J.R. “Cultural Copybooks” in the Jewish State Theater’s foyer, with an imposing participation (the R.J.F. leaders, outstanding personalities of the Romanian culture), marked more than what we understand by a usual launch. Maybe this is due to the heavily loaded historical meaning of the place (The “Baraseum”, raised the Jewish morale of the Romanian-Jews and helped them to proudly live in the years of the racial oppression), as resulted from Dr. Nicolae Cajal’s speech.

Maybe, to the cultural model of real inter- ethnicity, offered to the existent intellectuality, to the idea of “enlivening” that stays at it’s base, underlined by their “architect”, the Jewish Reality’s editor in chief, deputy Dorel Dorian. Maybe to the national and European importance of the intellectual values represented by Fundoianu, Celan, Sebastian, pointed out by the historical writer Geo Serban, the coordinator of the “Copybooks” dedicated to the above. The synthesising look over the writers belonging to our ethnicity, of their important role in the Romanian culture, constituted the core of all the considerations reflected by Dr. Eugen Simion, President of the Romanian Academy.