Bulletin Board of the Jewish Historic Center, Museum and Archive from Romania

Edited by Center for the Study of Jewish History from Romania (CSIER)

Frequency: 2 appearences /year

First edition: autumn/1997


No. 01, autumn, 1997

Academician Professor Nicolae CAJAL – Foreword: At the beginning of the road.

Dumitru HINCU – J Rosenthal, journalist and diplomat during a troubled period.

Eugen PREDA- In memoriam, Corneliu Bogdan.

Ada FELAN- Jewish Congressmen during the first eight inter-war legislations.

Lya BENJAMIN- Critic Analysis of the archive’s sources and of the bibliographical resources regarding the Jewish population from Romania during 1940-1944.

Ion SERBANESCU- Fascination and the traps of the documents.

Lya BENJAMIN, J.A- Jews in Romania during the Independence War (1877-1978).

Lya BENJAMIN- First Israelite – Romanian school, 145 since foundation.

Hary KULLER- Press, a document in time.

Marius MIRCU- How Jewish Museum from Bucharest was founded.

M. CAROL- About the past of the Jews from Banat.

No.2, spring, 1998

Dumitru HINCU- “Weber’s Case”, an episode of a wider game.

Lya BENJAMIN- Judicial statute of the Jews in Romania (1940-1944).

I.KARA- Old cemeteries from the former district Vaslui.

Hary KULLER- Jewish press in province.

M.CAROL- A purim from 55 years ago

Hary KULLER- Romanian Jewish Lexicon, representative authors and texts

M Schwarzfeld : Jews in their folk-literature

. Barasch, an emblematic figure of haskala in Romania

J.B. Brociner

H.D.- Max Auschnitt and four situations.

No.3, 1999

Dumitru HINCU- Documents from the German diplomatic archives.

Ion SERBANESCU- A gentleman called Lupu

Lya BENJAMIN- A less known page of Romanian Countries History. Case study, accusation of ritual murder.

Carmen STOIANOV- Marcel Mihailovici, 100 years of existence.

Hary KULLER- From the old times press:

1.Jewish publications from the second half of the XIX-th century.

2.Some facts about Sionism history of Romania.

3.Daily newspaper “The Universe” and the antisemitism in Romania

Hary KULLER- Institutions, organizations and actions recorded in brochures and micro-monographs.

Cella VASILIU- Jewish associations and societies.

Ezra ALHASID- Jewish cemetery sefard from Bucharest.

Carol MARCUSOHN- The memory of the documents.

No.4-5, Spring 2000

Dumitru HÃŽNCU – A less known fragment of history.

Harry KULLER – A slogan which debases history or the confruntation with history of a slogan.

Ioan VAIDA – Drama of seduction.

Ion SERBANESCU – “Israelite Magazine”

Lya BENJAMIN – Dr. W.Filderman about anti-Semite and Xenophobia.

Ada FELAN – The Activity of “Union of Israelite Woman” from Bucharest.

Ioana CONSTANTINESCU – “Joseph Kaufmann’s” Document’s Stock

Hary KULLER – Jubilee, “The Hammer” Vocational School.

Albert ZIMBLER – The Deportees from Bucovina and Northern Moldavia in Oltenia.

Lya BENJAMIN – U.E.P., 90 Years since the Foundation.

No.6, 2000

Dr. Alexandru Safran, 90 Years

Declaration of Religious Groups for Romanians Integration in European Union.

Ticu GOLDSTEIN – Dr.M.A.Halevy, A Life for Judaism.

G. BRATESCU – M.A.Halevy’s Contribution to the Medical Historiography.

Ion SERBANESCU – A Debate Always on Top:

European Days of the Jewish Culture.

Hary KULLER – The New-Old Museum of History of Jews in Romania “Dr.Moses Rosen”

Tudor ARGHEZI – Israel

Dumitru HÃŽNCU – I.Eliade Radulescu and… the Talmud.

Lya BENJAMIN – Surviving as Resistance.

Hary KULLER – The Process permanence-breach in Postwar Dynamics of Jews of Romania.

E.CIMPOIERU – How a Diversion is made

Devi ABRAHAM – In Ghetto at Eight Years Old…

Ioan VAIDA – German’s Pipe

No.7, 2001

Dumitru HÃŽNCU – Mihai Antonescu or the contortions of a political chameleon.

Ioan SERBANESCU, Ada FELAN – Fighting against Anti-Semitism. Moral impulse and civic consciousness at the begining of XX century.

Lya BENJAMIN – Dr.Filderman and Antonescu’s regim between reality and mystification.

Alexandru ELIAS – Jewish teenagers in Martial Court.

Hary KULLER – The Nationalist and/or the Anti-Semite.

Cristina TOMA – Rabbi Meir Beck, a first class personality from the past of Romanian Jewry.???

Emeric Miki MAROSI – Black clouds over Resita


Unpublished: Moses Rosen about Moses Gaster

Unirrecusably document: The plenipotentiary minister’s report of Vichy’s Governement addressed to admiral Darlan

No.8-9, 2002

Dumitru HÃŽNCU – What was not allowed to be written During the Goga-Cuza Governement?

Hary KULLER – The Jews in Romania of the 1944-1949 years.

Lya BENJAMIN – The Image of the Jew in the Antonescu’s Political Discourse.

Dumitru HÃŽNCU – Images of the Jewish Life in the Years of 1921-1923.

Evantia and Ovidiu BOZGAN – International Integration and Political Instrumentalization: the year of 1967 in the History of the Jewish Population in Romania.

B.BRANISTEANU – Memories about Caragiale.

Ioan VAIDA – Non-homologated Heroic Facts.

Anca CIUCIU – Jewish Neighborhoods in Bucharest in the 1866-1914 period.

Hary KULLER – Fifty years of the Romanian History of Judaism reflected in the Filderman’s Archive.